A Message From Kexgill 13.01.2021

Our aim is to explain our package of measures in a transparent and open manner showing we have approached the situation fairly. We are fully aware the offer will not be welcomed by everyone for which we apologise but getting the right formula is a huge challenge not just for ourselves but the entire sector.

The fundamentals are:

  • We understand how hard these times are for everyone right now.
  • The situation is ever changing and therefore we will continue to review it as and when needed.
  • Our offices remain open to assist and care for all students living with us.
  • All our accommodation remains open.

Package of Measures and Support

  1. For those tenants not in occupation from 18th January 2021, you will receive 4 weeks rent at a 50% discounted rate. Any student wishing to apply for this discount must do so by contacting their local branch, providing proof of their non-residency. Discount will then be applied to your third (final) rental instalment. Applying the discount this way, gives us more leeway should the discounted period be increased, or any Government assistance becomes available at a later date. Rent discounts can be applied for at any time during January 2021.
  2. In addition, an early payment incentive of 5% has been offered on the second instalment (or equivalent monthly instalments) for all tenants irrespective of whether they are in occupation or not if rent was paid before their direct debit due date.
  3. For those tenants in difficulties because of the pandemic please call our Helpline 01482 450790. This Helpline can refer you to The Hardship Fund committee which meets weekly and has done so since March 2020. The fund committee will include independent students, it is strictly confidential and GDPR compliant.
  4. Should the Government provide appropriate assistance to accommodation providers all information will be shared with our tenants and additional help/rent free periods will be added.
  5. 24/7 Mental Health and Wellbeing Freephone Helpline in conjunction with Endsleigh. Calls will be answered by an experienced counsellor or therapist who will offer support on a variety of issues. Active from February 2021, number to be distributed. This is available to all Kexgill/UQ tenants and staff.

Additional information and FAQ’s:

Can I come back before the lockdown ends?

Yes, the property you rent from Kexgill remains your home, and you are entitled to come back to it, provided you are following government guidelines. The guidelines state you can travel back if you are studying a ‘critical’ course, do not have access to suitable study facilities, or have health and safety reasons. You can find this guidance here or speak to your university if you are not sure.

Is there anything else I need to be aware of?

If you are away from the property for a longer period, Kexgill/UQ team members may need to enter your room to complete inspections and carry out any essential maintenance works. This will be in line with our COVID-19 protocols, especially for other flat/housemates who are still in the property. We will of course inform you immediately if there are any issues that require your attention.

We reiterate should there be appropriate Government assistance relating to student accommodation, additional help in the form of rent-free periods will be applied.