Top Tips For Exam Season

Exam season is almost upon us and along with it the stress and worries associated with it. For those who have the view point that failing to prepare is preparing to fail, we have put together some top tips for you. How to make the most of your spare time, feel prepared and less stressed.

  1. Organise you work space. Tidy you room, desk and study materials. It is proven that a less cluttered work space helps you have a less cluttered mind.
  2. Put together a revision plan.
  3. Revise. Seems like an obvious one, but there are those that think they can ‘wing’ an exam.
  4. Take regular breaks. Your brain can only concentrate for so long. Make sure you take regular breaks, stretch your legs and maybe get a bit of fresh air.
  5. Make sure you eat and drink well. Less junk food and alcohol. Proven foods to aid the brain and memory are oily fish, blueberries, tomatoes and pumpkin seeds. Don’t ignore your hydration, have plenty of water.
  6. Get plenty of sleep. Making sure that your brain is rested adequately will allow it to work at it’s best. This may mean foregoing your latest Netflix binge!
  7. Relax. Stressing yourself out is counterproductive.